Monday, October 12, 2009


Our first show on this trip was at Rocktoberfest. We flew in on a Thursday, practiced like mad for two days, and played a quick 40-minute set on Saturday afternoon. This is a big, huge festival, but it's put on mom-and-pop style, so unfortunately, we didn't get any cash.

However, we did get magical golden wristbands, which got us free entrance to all 3 stages, and free food and beer for four days. We also got two wristbands for our Charleston friends Brent and Kim. We rocked and drank with them and others for the last four days, and it's been a pretty good time. It's fun that there are no big bands here, because everyone's a surprise: sometimes a band full of skinny highschoolers comes up and rocks out like the Strokes, and it feels like you found a little seashell on the beach. A seashell full of awesome!

We're staying at the Green again, with awesome folks like Nat (who's doing vigilante security work, including breaking the face of rowdy drunks) and Joe (who's wearing the "Willie Nelson for President" hat, given to him by Willie himself). When we're not there at night, we're wandering around the campground, trying to salvage unruly drum circles or smoking a five-foot-tall hookah. It's my first time at a proper music festival, and it's a big party that I hope to come back to next year.

We also played a gig at a charity event, and though they paid us a nice little check, they neglected to sign it. We have to go wrangle the cash out of a friend of a friend -- we're leaving town tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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