Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The last 24 hours or so have been exceedingly strange

...even by the standards of the last month. We got a ride to Savannah, GA -- our next destination -- with Brent, the awesome guy we crashed with in Charleston. Our Savannah couchsurfing host picked us up and we headed to get some margaritas, it being Cinco de Mayo and all. So far so good!

During the car ride, things started getting strange: we couldn't get a word out of her or her bf, really. The mexican joint was crowded and we skipped the margaritas. They offered to drop us off at our show, but we wanted to hang out with them, as our show wasn't for a few hours and we had just met them and wanted to make friends. They seemed to disregard that and dropped us off at the show.

The show went great! We played well, got lots of compliments, and made decent money. The act after us, the Train Wrecks, was a sweet honkytonk / rock band.

We walked towards home for the night, but I got us lost.  I called Aaron and he googled for me to discover we were 20 blocks out of our way.  Oops.  We walked about 5.5 miles, 2.5 more than we needed to.  We finally got to the house at 3 am.

When we got inside, the dogs immediately started attacking us.  They calmed and we set up our sleeping bags in the dark, and we slept fitfully while the dogs occasionally woke us with licks to the face.  At 8 am, one of our hosts woke us and recommended we find other hosts, because they were very busy.  "Nice to meet you!" she said.  Confused, we fell back asleep.  At 9 am, our other host informed us that he was leaving the house, and that we needed to pack our bags and leave.

So it was that we found ourselves summarily booted from our relatively warm and comfortable sleeping bags.  The only solution we saw was to spend money as fast as possible to make ourselves less miserable.  We summoned a taxi (the driver, Romeo, played some mean spoons and overcharged us), slept all day in a pension, then ate a insanely fantastic meal.

Not sure what's going to happen next.  We definitely can't afford this hemmoraging of money for much longer, and nobody has yet responded to our emergency couchsurfing requests.  Post comments wishing us luck, or, if you live in Savannah, offers of couches and/or spare bedrooms.

The rest of this post consists of a description of our meal in all possible gory detail, written for my future self to read and enjoy.  If you don't love food (*love*) you will probably find it boring.

Sweet tea to begin, while we waited for the restaurant to open
Mint Julep -- aka minty bourbon
A bottle of house pinot noir -- Vinas 3, 2007 -- California
Amuse-bouche -- smoked tuna, salmon with wasabi, mussel in spicy tomato aioli
Oysters -- baked with herbs, butter, and garlic, and raw with vinegar and horseradish
Cheese platter -- baked goat cheese, fontinello, roasted hard italian cheese (squeaky!), with two kinds of local honey, roasted pecans, and spoon bread
Salad -- herbs and flowers from the backyard garden, topped with a little cantaloupe and mild feta, in a thick vinagrette. also, ground pepper. mmm
Scallops -- pan-seared, served with mashed potatoes, and tangy grilled diced vegetables, which almost felt like a salad
Steak -- pepper-crusted tenderloin, in a sweet butter mustard sauce, served with broccolini and potatoes au gratin
Then a pause
Goat-cheese cheesecake, with berry sauce
Dark, sweet espresso

This meal was positively sexual.


  1. ok, you're totally ridiculous and wonderful all at once. that meal sounds amazing, but i bet it's one of the reasons why you can't afford to stay anywhere! i would have done the same if i had been in your position.

    what better way to celebrate your tragedy than by such a tasty repast? eating really well when you're going broke is like the band that played on the titanic as it sank. so good...probably better cause of the circumstances...yet the inevitable lurks!

    i asked my friend jan, who is originally from savannah and is with me right now on kaua'i if she had ideas, but unfortunately she doesn't have any connections to offer you.

    regardless, from your home island to her hometown, good fucking luck!

  2. Did you wonder and ask why those who offered their floor turned on you? Strange; sounds like they treated you with disrespect. At least their dogs expressed forgiveness and gave a free bath.

  3. I think we decided on a theory: the people we were staying with were a couple, and we decided that they had had an argument over us.