Thursday, July 22, 2010

Camping in style

When we're hitchhiking, sometimes we'll get stuck in the middle of nowhere at dusk.  We packed a lot of camping stuff to make that sort of thing manageable: when you have a camp stove and a small grocery store in your bags, it starts to sound like fun to hike into the woods, find a clearing, and put up camp for the night.  This trip, we've packed a bunch more stuff, and we're really camping in style.  We'll cook up some lentils and sausage (with onions and garlic), fire up the hookah, and watch a movie under the stars.  In cities, we're always crashing on someone's couch, and we don't want to be rude or messy, so we can't really relax too much.  In the forest, we'll make as much noise as we want, as late as we want, and sleep in til whenever we want, and it feels more like home than some houses that we stay in.  :)

Of course, those pleasures wear thin after three nights (we just hitched across the worst stretch of Canada) and you just want to take a shower and be free of the godforsaken mosquitos.

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