Friday, September 3, 2010

The best venues, according to my tummy

Most of our shows are at bars, but we've played a string of concerts at other random venues.  Anywhere that will book us is usually selling food and drinks, and recently, they've all been giving us tasty samples.  Yum!  At the Oolong Tea House in Calgary, we sampled a Chai-Yerba Mate blend.  The Wild Flour Bakery in Banff gave us pesto focaccia, and a pulled-pork panini.  The Crushed Grape in Regina wins the prize, though: dinner (steak for Kat, morrocan-style catfish for me) plus a selection of fantastic red wines until they put the chairs on the tables.

Best non-comestible payment was from Music Trader, a record shop in Winnipeg, who gave us $40 in store credit.  We listened to albums for an hour or so with a few people that stayed after the show, and picked up CDs by the Duhks and Broken Bells for our hosts there, Frankih and Fi.  (Of course, we ripped them both after they opened the packages ;)

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