Friday, September 3, 2010


This kitty ran out of the woods while we were hiking near a camping spot.  It followed us around for a half-hour through the high reeds and up and down hills before we picked it up and took it back to our site for tuna fish and a bowl of water.  We later found the owners by driving up and down the road and knocking on doors.  It was definitely the best kitty in the world.

This is Bertha, the early-model Volvo that carried us around camping spots, and later, across BC to Vancouver on a curvy highway in the rainy, misty night.  Pierre the violinist is driving; Francois the guitarist is on the kayak.

This is our favorite campsite.  Left to right: Kat (cut off), Pierre (rolling a cigarette), Francois, and an awesome vegan baker / tea enthusiast named Sarah Louise, who hosted us in Calgary until her roommate started being bitchy.  In the background: the icy river where we would occasionally swim for a brief moment before running frantically back to the fire.  Alberta in August is still chilly.  Just upstream, the river runs through a deep gorge, which we splashed through to find a big waterfall.

I'm on Vancouver Island with Sarah Louise now.  I have a week to kill before a kayaking trip with my family, so I am exploring with her and her friends and helping her prepare for a potential business opportunity involving tea-infused organic vegan baked goods for a local chain of tea shops.  Kat is headed for Louisiana for a brief visit with her sister.  Our next show is Sept 18 in Vancouver.  More then...

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