Wednesday, April 15, 2009

First show!

We showed up at the Circle Bar somewhat anxiously: we had heard it described as a "typical Jewish bar" (?) and we had had a tough time getting in touch with the proprietors to confirm basic show details (what time do we show up? how much are we getting paid). Sure enough they had accidentally double-booked the night and we had to split the bar take [1] with the other band.

That was all ok though, because the show went great! No real mistakes and the crowd loved us. Maybe a third bought the cd, everyone tipped, and one dude loved us so much he took us back to his place and cooked us catfish. Mmm. Thanks, New Orleans. Next up, Baton Rouge.

[1] We get paid in tips, plus some combination of three other ways: flat fee, bar take (portion of money the bar makes, usually 10 or 20%), or cover charge (usually 50-100%).

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