Friday, April 17, 2009

"I mean, I fell on her, but it wasn't my fault"

So last night we went to see Lord T and Elouise, two rappers / aristocrats that wear powdered wigs for their show.  (Thanks, McRae, for getting us in!  He's also known as "McRae-zee".)  It was a pretty wicked party until Kat and our friend Jen started dancing with this guy, and he fell on Kat.  Her knee dislocated or something and we hobbled over to McRae's to ice it.  (This entry's title is his response.)

I'm kind of glad we had to leave the concert: I had inadvertently dressed up as Elvis and written a rap to battle the two performing gentlemen, and Kat's injury let me chicken out inconspicuously.  I did wear a ridiculous denim one-piece suit all night.  Zipped down halfway.  With aviators.  I'll post some pics if I can get em.


  1. "Inadvertently" dressed up as Elvis?!

    Pics please =P

    Also, why does it say "temporary" in your bio. I find that...misleading.

  2. I really thought it was more of a mario outfit, but I popped the collar and suddenly I got this sneer and started singin bout hound dogs. Really, I dunno what happened.