Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Good eatin in Birmingham

I just had the most delicious dinner.  We're staying with a very excellent chef in Birmingham, Angela, and she just cooked us a fantastic meal: halibut over asparagus and new potatoes, with a beurre blanc sauce, plus salad and bread on the side.  mmmm.  We ate at her restaurant last night, an upscale diner called John's City Diner, and had fried green tomatoes; steak on hash browns, topped with cilantro and a berry vinagrette; roast duck; and mac and cheese with ham.  Come to think of it we had some pretty damn tasty barbecued ribs for lunch today at Full Moon... it's been good eatin since we got to Birmingham.

The next couple of days look pretty exciting... tomorrow, we're going out to barbecue again, and later to some caves outside of town, and possibly a Wilco concert.  The next day we're going to go to a metalworking class -- we met the instructor, Michael, randomly when we were getting kicked out of this foundry we had wandered into.  Friday and Saturday, we have shows coming up, and then we have to leave bright and early on Sunday to get to the next town, Charleston.


  1. Yum; sounds great. I'll be thinking of you in Birmingham.

  2. what? no pictures of this delicious sounding food? your readership demands more pictures!