Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Starkville, Mississippi

So far in Starkville...

-We showed up on time to our gig by sheer chance, and ended up waiting around forever for a crowd to show up. We eventually got around 30 people though, and it was a great show.
-We relived a bit of the college life by getting free pizza at the Mississippi State campus. And a free t-shirt. I miss college.
-We explored an abandoned train with our Starkville hosts. The trail there is surrounded by 12-foot-tall trees, flowering and heavy-scented.

Our next show is in Birmingham in a week, but we might try to line up a gig for Record Store Day in Nashville on the way. I'll let you know!

PS. Johnny Cash was once arrested here for picking flowers... apparently they ritually pardon him every year in some ceremony with lots of music.


  1. congrats on the blog and the fabulous adventures--life is meant to be lived fully, asi! it's a cool gift for us to be able to live vicariously (jealously?) through your experiences and appreciate what we have, like cozy beds and a fixed income!

    :-) d

  2. Haha glad you guys made it on time. I think you need some pictures of you guys playing shows too!

  3. I'm enjoying your colorful writing style; it makes me smile and wonder how you do it!@?*