Wednesday, April 15, 2009

New Orleans

The story of New Orleans was our host there, Robin. As soon as we got there she sat us down and said, "Look. The good gumbo is at Coops, and you want to get begniets at Cafe Del Mundo. On Friday there's a free crawfish boil at R Bar. Come with me to international pillowfight day on Saturday, and afterwards RJD2 is playing a free show at Tulane. On Sunday you can go to the strawberry festival, and on Monday there are free red beans and rice down the road." We said that sounded good and went and did most of that stuff.

When we weren't doing it we were prepping for our first show: working out arrangements for her songs with two guitars, and practicing them over and over again. We also did some logistical stuff, like getting people to come to shows. If you work hard (network on myspace, contact local radio stations, post to websites) you can get more people to come to the shows, which the venue loves, and which makes you more money. That was the first week of New Orleans... then we had our first show! Tune in next time.

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